The site known as the Riviera Center, on the Gulf of Aqaba, has a total area of about 7.7 million square meters, and is recognized for its natural endowments and unique location within the top priority tourism development zone, known as the Egyptian Riviera.
The Riviera center is backed by tall mountains defines the site in the north and south, providing natural separation between the site and adjacent developments.
The site is easily accessible through a good highway that runs parallel to the west coast of the Gulf of Aqaba between Taba, about 30 kilometers to the North, and Sharm El-Sheik, about 210 kilometers to the South. Taba International Airport is about 40 kilometers to the Northwest, while Nuweiba regional seaport is about 35 kilometers to the South.

Riviera Center

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Riviera Layout

Site Photo

Site Photo

Site Photo

TTDC has formulated a master plan to develop the Riviera Center in three phases. Infrastructure networks and facilities are being developed on the whole site in accordance with the requirements of the development phases.

Development of Phase I is planned to include:

- An International 18-hole Golf course.
- About 250 villas and town houses.
- Three 5-stars hotels.
- Commercial, entertainment, spa, and other tourist facilities.
- Marina and town center.

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