Taba offers a relaxed atmosphere and the illusion of complete escape, between the cinnamon-colored mountains of the Sinai and the cool, sapphire waters of the Red Sea. For those who want to avoid mass tourism, the Taba coast is a paradise with unbeatable views of the sea, perfect for a tranquil, slow-paced beachside holiday.

One of Taba's main attractions, Pharaoh’s Island, is simply breathtaking. The small island, surrounded by outstanding blue and turquoise waters of the Red Sea, was once a Phoenician port, later occupied by Crusaders and then taken under control by Sultan Salah El Din. The island and the castle remain intact. The reef around the island is popular with snorkel and divers a like.

TABA, the border town between Egypt and Israel, is well known for its picturesque bays and coves and one of the most spectacular coastal landscapes in the Red Sea. Recently, and with the opening of an international airport hosting direct charter flights from Europe, Taba has experienced a growth spring on its coastline and is now home to international leading hotel chains, becoming one of the most sough-after destinations in the Red Sea Riviera and a favorite holiday spot.



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